Precious Gemstones – These gemstones produce additional magical effects.

  • Ruby – True Flame
    Damage from a spell is converted to True Flame. Upon being hit, damage is converted to flame ticks. At the end of the round, target takes fire damage equal to the number of ticks and then subtracts one tick.
  • Sapphire – Ice Floe
    Damage from spell causes target to be unable to take any actions for a number of seconds equal to the damage dealt. In addition, during this time the target takes 50% increased damage from physical attacks.
  • Diamond – Deus Fulgur
    Damage from Deus Fulgur begins a discharge resonance and instead of damaging, adds Discharge ticks. Additional discharge ticks may be added by dealing more magical or energy weapon based damage to the target. At any time, the original caster may disrupt the discharge resonance, dealing double the number of discharge ticks to the primary target and half that to all adjacent targets.
  • Emerald – Pestilence Touched
    Deals full damage to target. Next second, deals half damage to all adjacent targets. This continues until no adjacent targets are recognized

Other Gems.

All other gems can still be channeled through in order to give a +3 Spellcaster level bonus to the spell.


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